18mm CO2 Laser Lens/Mirror Mounting for K40

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 Item# :   LSR-LH1820B

  Price :   $17.50
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This is a laser head with air-assist . The laser head is capable of hosting a 18mm diameter focus lens and a 20mm diameter reflection mirror. Air tube fitting is 5mm in diameter.


This is a GREAT replacement for K40 or D40 that comes with no air-assist in original packing!


Air plug O.D: 5mm


Mounting plate cut hole requirement : 14mm in diameter


Suggested tubing:  5X8 Silicon Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling

Note: The laser head is now plated in blue color.



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by chance
on 6/28/2017
Definite improvement over original
Used to upgrade my 40 watt laser. I tried two of the 3D printed options while waiting for this to arrive. Really, no comparison. This fit perfectly and is very tight. No adjustments needed and having the nozzle really reduces the smoke. We've used both an aquarium air pump and aquarium tubing with high volume and low pressure as well as a more expensive airbrush compressor with compression fittings with lower volume but higher delivered pressure. Both worked well. For our cutting application with thick wood and slow feed speeds the airbrush compressor works a bit better, but this is subjective.
by Arthur
on 5/11/2017
You need a 12mm diameter lens
It says 'The laser head is capable of hosting a 18mm focus lens' I assumed this meant 18mm in diameter as a focal length of 18mm wouldn't reach past the air assist nozzle. I couldn't see how to get a 18mm lens to fit, no instructions to show how it might be possible. I bought a 12mm lens which fits. Product wasgreat once I got over the lens size issue.
by Phillip
on 4/12/2017
Fantastic, does exactly what it claims
Fantastic product, does exactly what it says.
by Mike
on 3/8/2017
Great Quality
Great Quality at a great price
by Curtis Soldano
on 2/22/2017
Amazing upgrade!
I installed this head and a new 18mm focusing lens from Lightbject and added a small fish pump compressor. I am AMAZED at how this thing has become a cutting monster!! A third of the power and 2-3 times faster cuts that are so clean it'll make you cry. I cannot stress enough that this is a MUST HAVE for K40 and similar laser owners.
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