Lightobject1L high temperature Food grade Water Pump High temperature(100'C) DC 6V 1L/Min (15GPH) mini Water Pump. Food grade
High temperature(100'C) DC 6V 1L/Min (15GPH) mini Water Pump. Food grade
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Item #: EWP-2502HT6V
Reg. Price: $22.00
Our Price: $12.50
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This is a high temperature (up to 105'C) food graded mini submersible water pump. The shaft is coated with a layer of ZrO2 (zirconium oxide ) to withstand higher temperature and have better tolerance for acid and alkaline. It's built by a brushless motor to provide a smoother and quieter operation than a brush water pump. Also,it will not generate an 'electric spark' like what a brush type does, so it's safer. It can be used to pump oil as well (no gasoline*).


Input: DC 5~6V
Output: 1.0L/min or 0.264 gallon/min
Cut-off: 1M (3ft ) @6V
Current: 300mA@6V
Intake outer diameter: 10mm or 0.39"
Outlet outer diameter: 7mm or 0.27"
Self-prime: No
Submersible: Yes
Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1600rpm~4200rpm
Noise: << 20dB
Fluid Temp: 100'C/212F (non-submersed)

Ambient Temp: 50C/122F (submersed)

Size(L*W*D): 32mmx22mmx36mm (1.26" X 0.87" X 1.42")
Weight (net): 2.0oz


Suggestion Tubing for inlet:
12mm (ID 9mm) High Pressure Air/ Water flex tube (10ft)
8X12 Silicon Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling

Suggestion Tubing for Outlet:
5X8 Silicon Flex Tube for Air Assistance or Water Cooling 8mm (ID 5mm) High Pressure Air/ Water flex tube (10ft)
Do not let it run dry without water flowing. To those who want to use it with a solar power battery, please make sure to install a 6V regulator as the output from a solar panel higher than 6V (as high as 9V) . Warranty will not cover the damage!

How to use:
-Submerse or Inline
-With Solar panel


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