Lite X-Y Stages (600mm x 400mm) for DIY CO2 laser machine

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 Item# :   LSR-KIT4060XY
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  MSRP :   $295.00
  Price :   $235.00
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Entry level X-Y Stages for DIY CO2 laser machine. It come as a kit, so assembly work is required.

-Working area: 400mm x 600mm (16" x 24")

-Outer dimension: 31" x 23 18/"
-Condition: New
-Speed: X:500mm/s, Y:350mm/s
-Packing: Assembly
-Limit switch installed: Yes

X motor:

  • Type: Nema 17 (42 series)
  • Step angle: 1.8 degree
  • Current: 0.6A
  • No. Wire: 4

Y motor

  • Nema 17 (42 series)
  • Step angle: 1.8 degree
  • Current: 1.2A
  • No. Wire: 4



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by Russell
on 2/9/2016
Dont waste your money.
Bought this item and had fast delivery but upon opening the box, everything was packed well but NO INSTRUCTIONS. I should not have to hunt and peck in forums to find something that should be included. One of the side belts broke installing it. The belts are junk! Almost pure plastic belt, luckily I had some Kevlar belting from my cnc routers. Luckily I have a mechanical / electrical degree and 30 years as a mechanic that helped me over the two hours this POS took to assemble. The side drive belt ripped at its mounting screw. I have bought plenty from Marco and the guys and they have other great products and their technical help is great as well. Just this product is a LEMON. Reply from LO: We did post step by step instruction on our support forum: It shouldn't take anyone over 2hrs to build it by following step by step pictures we posted. Remember that this is a Lite version and you can't compare the overall quality and performance to those Pro version or the XLE version. But one star of review seems a little bit unfair because we sold over hundreds of these stage and never received such low score review; 300x200 and 600x400. FYI, all those eBay machine K40 or K640 are build based on this stage. It is an inexpensive stage but it can provide very good quality engraving and cutting results. If there is a broken part, you can contact our support to get a replacement.
by Tim
on 3/27/2013
Sturdy construction, excellent upgrade to a k40
Good quality ali I beams, with well positioned pre drilled holes. An assembly instruction sheet would have saved me hours of experimentation, but I got there in the end. Top tip, the arms of the tensioning brackets go through the slots in the support, took me a while to work that one out. It seems to sit nice and square, and has very little flex even before mounting on a base, I've yet to connect the electrics up, but the addition of home limit switches already assembled in place were a nice touch. Not tried to plug it in and cut anything yet, but it seems like you'd actually get a little more play that the stated size, possibly to allow for the clearance of the head, I was worried that it might only just fit the 300x600 boards I can get but it looks like there will be no wasted material. this does mean that the footprint is bigger than I expected, so make sure you've got a little room to play with. Overall much better quality than the one that came with my K40.
by Parsifal Druddle
on 1/11/2013
Inexpensive, not cheap...
Came in on the evening UPS. Nice, very nice for the price. Quick exam - everything straight, everything true. not heavy duty extrusion, but stiff and sturdy - just needs a base. Had bought everything else for a 40w and was struggling with my own x-y stage design. This is a solid, simple design - not fancy - just meat an' taters get-the-job done. Will build and follow up, but first impression is: Why give yourself a headache - buy this, build, get ta lasing! I'm ordering an 80w with XLE 900x1200 next - this entry version rocks! Thanks, Marco!
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