Lightobject40W Desktop Laser Engraving machine Solo Desktop 35Watt CO2 Laser Cutting Machine (Pro). Support Mach3 & KCam
Solo Desktop 35Watt CO2 Laser Cutting Machine (Pro). Support Mach3 & KCam
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Item #: LSR-SOLO40W
Reg. Price: $2,250.00
Our Price: $1,450.00


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350Watt CO2 Laser Engraving/Cutting machine Pro version. Support Mach3 & KCam

This is a modified version with a better 3-Axis controller card that support Mach3 and KCam. With this modification, the machine is capable to do an excellenct work on cutting by running G-Code or NC format files. Since it's a customized model, we have added a few neat features to the machine such as a blue led digital current indicator, home switches, universal 12V water pump & fan, an Emergency stop and a 10A power supply. The performance of the 'new' machine runs much better, faster, and do more than the original machine can do. Unlike our machine, the original machine coming out from the manufacturer is just like a 'can' food without Life & Soul.

You must be familiar with Mach3 and G-Code (or NC) file in order to use this machine. If not, please consider the Pro40 machine or a similar machine with a DSP controller built in (will be launched after May,2010). We don't support Mach3 or other cad software, since we're not experts. It's buyer responsible to get tech support or learning material from those suppliers. We will provide the basic parameter setup info for the Mach3 and will provide a couple test files along with the machine. Mach3 or other Cad software is not included.

Shipping & handling: for US customers it is $250. For other countries; the delivery is $450. We will request the S/H after sales. Order will be shipped from China through DHL Express

  • Co2 Power: 40Watt
  • Tube Trigger Volt: 20KV
  • Tube Operating Volt: 15KV
  • Power: AC 200~220V, 3A, 50Hz (110V to 220V 1000W transformer may be required for US & CA)
  • Current: 0~20mA adjustable
  • Working area: 20x30cm (8" x 12")
  • Precision: 0.1mm
  • Speed: 10mm/s (cutting), 100mm/s (engraving)
  • OS: Windows 2000/ XP
  • Support Mach3 or Kcam (Demo Mach3 software include. See our Support)
  • Interface: Printer port
  • Support language: G-Code,NC
  • Cutting: Wood, Arcylic, Plastic, Proxy glass (2.5mm), Leathers,Bamboo (no metal).
  • Engraving: Paper,Wood,Arcylic, Glass,Plastic,Leathers,Bamboo,anodized Aluminum (no metal)
  • Size: 800x500x250(mm)
  • Weight: 32Kg/70lb (packing 38kg/84lb).

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by jose urbaez
on 1/16/2013
team information
Good day, I need to know who brings the team and spare I have on hand, works with a normal PC?, any other information you need to know I'd appreciate it.
by Walter
on 12/12/2011
Can this be used
For engraving character on the keyboards? Please contact me then.
by titi
on 4/16/2011
it works for fabrics??
by kalman-clone
on 10/30/2010
reply to idiot
wrong kind of laser: read the product description.

metal-cutting lasers start at 1/2 million $$$
by kalman
on 10/23/2009
Cutting stainles steel of 0.3 - 0.5mm???
This machine would get 5star if it can cut 0.3 - 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheets. reply on triows at gmail dot com

Thanks alot
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