18mm CO2 Laser Lens/Mirror Mounting for K40

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 Item# :   LSR-LH1820B
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This is a laser head with air-assist . The laser head is capable of hosting a 15mm/18mm diameter focus lens and a 20mm diameter reflection mirror. With the O-ring in the lens holder, the laser head now can install a 15mm diameter focus lens.


This is a GREAT replacement for K40 or D40 that comes with no air-assist in original packing!


Air plug outer diameter: 5.5mm


Mounting plate cut hole requirement : 14.5mm in diameter


Suggested tubing:  5X8 Silicon Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling



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by Jeffrey
on 4/26/2018
Excellent Quality
Exactly as pictured, excellent quality.
by Fdelo
on 4/25/2018
Well made, a perfect fit. Can’t beat the price and delivery.
by ismail
on 2/6/2018
A Must-have
It improved the engraving quality a lot, don't forget the replace the lens with 18mm though (I bought the lens here as well). I don't know if it's the lens, or the head or both together improved the quality but I am very satisfied.
by Ryan C Minnig
on 9/11/2017
Must have upgrade
I purchased this item after having done some minimal hacking in the infamous "K40 - laser from China". For me, this was a drop in replacement that required no modification to the machine. I would suggest a better drawing showing where the lens goes as I had a little trial and error here. There was a spacer ring the I ended up removing because with it in place, only 1-2 threads engaged in the lens housing. Be gentle and only finger tighten the lens portion. I would also strongly suggest buying a mirror, lens and tubing at the same time. lens: LSR-LEN18ZN5I mirror: LSR-MIR20MSI tubing: LSR-WTUBE5X8 This works well paired with at least a 950gph (2cfm) air pump. A small aquarium pump does not have the flow rate.
by Ray Lufkin
on 9/9/2017
Nice product
Well buit and executed device. Tried one that was 3d printed and it didn't work properly
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