20mm T-Slotted Extrusion Aluminum Bar

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20mm x 20mm (0.78"x0.78") Extrusion Aluminum Bar


Minimum order: 12in


Note:  Minimum order is 12 inches

The extrution bar is not compatible with 20 Series T Slot Aluminum Corner Bracket  as the slot in the alumninum bar is too small for the corner bracekt. Please use the 25mm alumninum instead.

Unit price is per inch

We do customized cutting, however we don't have a CNC machine for extremely precise cuts.  Each order may add 1/8" extra.   Please leave us a message how long you need the Extrusion bar to be - thank you!


Note:  Does not work with 20 Series T Slot Aluminum Corner Bracket w/Screws and Nuts.

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