Real time tracking Auto Focus Laser Head (RTAF)

Retail Price: $2,250.00
Price: $1850.00
7 units available
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Auto Focus Head Specifications:

Length (two options):
 Choice of 50mm or 70mm 
If you have a Power Z Table on a small to medium sized machine then we recommend the 50mm Traveling Distance Auto Focus Laser Head.
If you have a larger machine with a fixed Z table then we recommend the 70mm Traveling Distance Auto Focus Laser Head.
Height: 8 1/2"/21.6cm
Length: 7 1/2"/19cm
Width: 3 1/2"/8.9cm

Weight: ~5lbs
Speed (For Cutting): Up to 30 mm/s
Recommended Laser Tube Power Output: 60W or more
Recommended DC power supply 24V 5A
Required M542 stepper driver for the built in motor (not included)
Required Mirror diameter: 25mm (not included)
Required Lens diameter: 20mm Diameter and 63.5mm Focal Length (not included)
Beam direction: Left to Right
Auto Focus Laser Head is ideal for cutting. It is not ideal for engraving due to the weight of the head. Slow engraving is possible.
Not compatible with K40 Laser Machines or machines missing 2 to 1 reduction gear.

Phone Support and Installation Walk Through Documents:

Phone Support (by appointment only): Up to 1 Hour 

Phone Support is broken down in to four, 15 Minute Segments
Each additional 15 Minute segment will cost $20
Link to scheduling phone support will be emailed after your Beta Auto Focus Laser Head is shipped out. 

Mounting Kit (3x)

When we send out your Beta Auto Focus Head we will include your custom mounting kit.
If your custom mounting kit does not properly fit onto your laser machine, only email us at with your problem and we will make another mounting kit for you.
You must pay for custom mounting kit replacement shipping and handling.
We can only do re-worked mounting kit replacements 2 times. If you continue to have problems with your re-worked mounting kit after the 2nd replacement, then we will charge $45 for each additional re-worked mounting kit.

3 Months Full Refund Policy
If you choose not to keep your Beta Auto Focus Head, you can return it within 3 months of purchase and you will receive a full refund. 
You must pay return shipping and handling. 

1 Year Warranty
If your Beta Auto Focus Head stops working within a year of purchase, we will offer a free replacement. Modification of your Auto Focus Head or any parts will be rejected. Physical damage is not covered. Warranty is not transferrable. 
You must pay return shipping and handling.
You must pay replacement shipping and handling.
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