DC to DC power module (step up) Input 3.5V~10V Output 12V 1.25A New version

Price: $5.50
  • SKUEPS-LM2577B12V
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This is a new version dc to dc step up inverter with high efficiency LM2577 switching IC. It steps up low voltage sources like a 3.5V Lithium battery to 12V and output at 1.5A without a heat sink. Or it can serve as a voltage regulator for solar panels, where output voltage is always fluctuating.


  • Input: 3.5V~10V DC
  • Type: Common ground and switching
  • Output: 12V DC
  • Power: 15 Watt max
  • Current: 1.25A, 1.5A max
  • Size: 40mm *15mm
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Not Bad For The Price

Review by Devin on 11/7/2010

For my application, I used a 9V battery for the input on this DC/DC converter in order to obtain the 12VDC output. Although not marked on the circuit board itself, the +/- Inputs are those closest to the LM2577 IC. I needed a physically small, efficient, converter to supply the necessary 12VDC input for the Mult-function 1CH RF Remote Control Tx/Rx set available from this site. I did not thoroughly test this DC/DC converter's output at various loadings, but for this purpose, it worked quite well. My application required a maximum load of 78mA at 12VDC, and this little converter performed as expected. No performance complaints and the circuit board package is very small.

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