DFB16 3.3V 16W Isolated Power Module. Input DC18V~75V

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  • SKUEPS-DFB16-24S33
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The DFB-24 is a high end isolated power module with over 80% efficiency. It's mainly used in an embedded system (but not limited) that requires an isolated power source.

Key Features of the DFB16-24S33 DC-DC Isolated Power Module

  • Provide absolute power isolation
  • Low signal noise
  • Compact size and easy to use
  • High efficiency
  • Short circuit protection
  • Input: 18V-36V DC
  • Output: 3.3V DC, 5A
  • Power: 16Watt
  • Int Freq: 300KHz
  • Noise: 70mVp-p Vo≤5Vdc
  • Max Isolation voltage: 1000V
  • Operation Temp: -25°C~+75°C
  • Size:50.8mm x 40.64mm x 10.16mm (1.25"x0.8"x0.4")

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