LM2596 DC12V 3A High Current Power Module/ Regulator

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  • SKUEPS-LM259612V3A
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This is a high efficiency switching mode 12v regulator with high current output. The module has a heat sink mounted so overheating is minimal. Output is regulated to DC12V. It doesn't generate heat as much as the 78xx series regulator. possible 1/5. It is perfect fit for all vehicles, boats, and bikes with 12V~24V electric system. It works great for the solar system by stabilizing it's output . No pigtail required.

  • Input: 13V~40V DC
  • Type: Common ground and switching
  • Output: DC12V
  • Power: 40 Watt max
  • Current: 3A (3.5A peak)
  • Size: 50mm * 50mm * 24mm

Pin out: [Input Gnd Output]
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