Programmable Digital DC Power Watt Meter (Blue LED w/ Control & 20mA)

Price: $69.00
16 units available
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This is a Smart DC power meter with two output relay that can protect your costly equipment from overload or under load damage. This model comes with 0-20mA current output for data acquisition

Key Features of the 404PDC

  • Alarm control for over/under limit
  • Programmable and expandable with ext'l DC shunt
  • Low power consumption



  • Dual Alarm output (relay) J1,J2
  • Default DC500V,5A (no shunt need)
  • Control Type: Relays
  • Relay: 3A@125VAC, 3A@14V DC
  • DC 0-20mA Analogy output for data acquisition
  • Size: 96mm x48mm x62mm
  • Mount Hole: 92mm x44mm x62mm


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