Mini Digital LCD Thermometer Temperature Reader with Analog-like bar

Price: $7.95
16 units available
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Brand new mini Digital LCD temperature meter supports Celsius & Fahrenheit with scale bar.

Provide precise digital temperature readout with scalable bar and color range. It is a good add-on device for a HHO system, vehicle, bike, boat, laser system or use it to monitor PC temperature.


  • Range: 0 to 100'C (176'F) *
  • Resolution: 0.1'C, 0.1'F, 1'F
  • Back toggle button for 'C or 'F
  • Built-in thermo senor (50cm/ 20")
  • DC 5V
  • Size:1.87" x 1.11" x 0.96" (47.7mm x 28.27mm x 24.34mm)
  • Weight: 2oz
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