3 Digit Mini Green LED 100V Volt Meter

Price: $7.50
  • SKUEPM-3D100VG
39 units available
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Power: 5V DC +/- 0.2V Accuracy: +/- 0.5%
Type: LED (Green)
Range: DC 0-99.9V
Resolution: 0.1V
Dimensions: 45mm x 26.5mm x 20mm
Mount hole: 42mm x 25.5mm

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Review by Lane on 3/29/2017

After almost 10 years, this little gadget is still for sale! I bought one back in 2009 to install into my 1991 Land Cruiser as a monitor for my auxiliary battery. One of the cheapest yet most functional investments that I ever made. I sold the truck a few years ago and forgot to pull this little guy out. I hope the new owner is enjoying it as much as I did.

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