4CH RF Wireless Remote Control 1527 Tx/Rx Kit (Metal case)

Price: $14.50
  • SKUERF-4A4331527M
125 units available
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Key Features of the 4A with metal case + 1527 chipset

  • Quad modes: Toggle, Momentary,Latched, and combo
  • Auto decode/encode with 1527 chipset
  • Individual relay Output



  • Distance: ~100M(300 feet)
  • Power supply: 12V
  • Encode/Decode: Yes(Learning Code)
  • Control Type: Quad mode:( Momentary, Toggle, Latch)
  • Relay: 3A/125VAC, 3A/14V DC
  • Receiver Board Size: 8cm x 10cm x 3cm Remote
  • Size: 5.5cm x 7.5cm x 3cm


  • Toggle: Press=On, Press again=Off
  • Momentary: Press=On, Release=Off
  • Latched: Press=On, Release=On (locked)


Jumper J1 and J2 setting:

There are two jumper on the receiver board, J1 and J2. Each jumper has two pins.

  • Put cap on J1, all channels Latch mode.
  • Put cap on J2, all channels Toggle mode.
  • Leave J1 and J2 open, all channels Momentary mode
  • Put caps on both J1 and J2, Two channelsToggle mode and two channels Momentary mode.
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Works like a charm

Review by Kim-Peter on 7/17/2010

Connected this to my trucks Zepro-lift. Instead of buying orginal for almost 1000$ this do the trick. Can now control the lift up-down and tilt up-down. Just have to add some diods for that to work since there are only 3 button controlbox org. Possible only 1 con and that is the battery wont last for long. Will buy duracell when this one is empty.

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