100A DC to DC Solid State Relay SSR

Price: $22.50
500 units available
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Key Features of the 100A SSR

  • No mechanical movement so it lasts longer
  • No signal noise
  • Easy to use. Ideal for Temperature Controller, Heater, Small Oven, Furnace, and Kiln
  • Good for most appliances


  • Input: 3V-32V DC
  • Control: 5V~60V DC
  • Current: 100A
  • Size (LxWxH): 63mm x 46mm x 26mm


Note:  Heat sink must be used to avoid damage. If it is operated more than 50A, please use thermal paste(glue) and a fan for better heat transferring to avoid damage. We suggest to use the SSR under 80A even though it is rated for 100A because some margin for the surge current must be allowed.

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