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JLD612 Dual Display PID Temperature Controller

Retail Price: $55.00
Price: $29.50
110 units available
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Key Features of the JLD612 PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) Temperature Controller 


Works great for DIY Sous-Vide system!


  • 3 different modes of Auto-Turning with PID Algorithms
  • Dual Display Setpoint and Current
  • Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius(C) -1999 ~ 9999
  • Individually programmable PID control parameters
  • 7 Different Dual Output
  • Support 0.1degree resolution with pt-100 thermocouple
  • Low defective rate >>2%



  • Power:AC(85V~265V) or DC(85V~360V)
  • Two display: Setpoint and current
  • Dual output SSR(8V, 40mA), Relay(3A 120V AC)
  • Multiple sensor: T,R,J,B,S,K,E,Wre3 ~ Wre25 , PT100, Cu50
  • Accuracy: 0.2%
  • Dimensions: DIN: 1/16 (48mmX48mmX82mm)
  • Warranty: 6 months

(Note: Thermocouple is not included*)

What is a PID? Click >>Here <<

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )


Review by Warlocks Innovations on 3/21/2018

WE HAVE USING THIS PID for 7 years and have not needed to replace any.. It is easily programmable and that easy to use as well! highly recommended to provide accuracy/ precision of temperatures up 2250F .. thank you to staff for packaging and sending on time !!

high quality

Review by maxx123 on 1/17/2018

For a PID this is a very reliable controller to use. I have bought a few knock-off Rex-c100 off eBay that is very poor workmanship. unstable. dangerous I use mine to control the temperature of a used oil veggie burner (waste oil burner). the TET612 or JLD612 is stable, easy to program. very well put together. my kick in temp is 180f to 200f to get the canola oil flowing like water. Do not waste your time with Rex-c100 junk (dangerous) penny wise pound foolish Cheers

Good quality for great price.

Review by Andy on 7/26/2017

I take this controllers not a first time, they work stable, accurate and reliable in most general applications. Using them mostly with pilot research equipment.

Good PID, meh manual.

Review by Tan on 7/18/2013

The controller itself works great, I've had mine for about 3 years with a 1m K thermocouple. Hook up is easy to SSR's (use heatsinks!). Programming modes can be a little difficult but its easier if you write things down. Adjusting the feedback loop in larger and slower environments takes some knowledge in that (which I don't have). The auto tune works well on soldering irons and ovens or other small systems that react quickly which is what I use it for. Its very accurate and stays set when you turn it on/off. It could be used for cooling or the alarm outputs can trigger fans or vents. Powerful little box.

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