Water resistant PT100 RTD 0.1 degree Sensor Probe

Price: $16.50
75 units available
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This is a 2m (6.6ft) water resistant (submersible) RTD PT-100 type thermocouple.
It provides "0.1 degree" resolution and works well with most PID or Solar temperature controllers. The whole probe can be submersed in hot liquid for up to 150'C.
Average rating 6 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Not accurate

Review by John Glattetre on 8/17/2014

I have had this probe since December 2012. It has an error of 2 degrees C.

Seems to work, but not sure if it's properly packaged

Review by Jim Lux on 10/10/2011

Works fine for temperature sensing. Tube seems to fill with water when probe is immersed. Maybe the tube is just for mechanical protection of leads, and the probe itself is actually sealed. Sure a lot cheaper than buying a probe from Omega.

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