K40 Mini Laser Machine Tube Extension Case

Price: $35.00
155 units available
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Extension Case for the K40 upgrade. May work for FSL 5th generation laser machine

Default K40 or DIII desktop mini laser machine comes with a small power laser tube (32W) with length at 720mm long. Since the power of laser tube is proportional to the length, the cutting power of the included laser tube is very limited. By adding this extension attachment, a longer tube up to 1M(1000mm) can be installed to boost the cutting power by almost 50%!

Dimensions (W*D*L): 130mm x 130mm x 350mm (5.12" x 5.12" x 13.8")

Cut out: 115mm x 115mm (4.5" x 4.5")
Weight: 5lb

4x M5x 12 screws, nuts and  included

Note: You must be able to make a hole on the side of the K40. Recommended hole: 100mm x 100mm (4"x4")

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Very well constructed

Review by Willie on 10/11/2018

I bought this with the intention of adding to my K40 with upgraded 60w tube. While this was not intended for a tube that long add to the K40, I was able to add an intermediate hand made case to this and now all is good. This is very well constructed and will not let any damage happen to your tube.

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