K40 cartridge wheel

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Cartridge wheel for K40 desktop laser machine.
Part combined of 1x Nylon wheel, 1x bearing, 1x axial, 1x hex screw

It is for X carriage.

Nylon wheel: 11.36mm diameter and 7.43mm height

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

just fantastic

Review by peter on 11/5/2016

these are the perfect replacement for the melted wheels i had on my 100w chinese laser cutter 6040. also i couldnt be happier with the service from this website.. Sacrimento California to wales great britain in under a week!!! ill deffinately be using this site again :) thanks

Functional despite dimensions being different than OEM

Review by Ray R. on 9/5/2017

These are functional but are not the same dimensions as the OEM wheels that come with the K40. These are shorter height and smaller diameter. When adjusted properly they do work as replacements. I had to replace two at a time because I could get it to line up correctly only replacing one.

Not bad...

Review by John Hardy on 6/6/2019

One of the four wheels that I ordered for my "K40" laser cutter does not roll very well. All of these wheels have a mounting shaft that is a smaller diameter than the original wheels from my K40. Of course, K40s typically have all sorts of things that need to be corrected, so I don't know if my K40 wheels have a larger diameter mounting shaft than normal, or what.

quality products as always

Review by Derek on 10/4/2019

great products, perfect fit, fast shipping.

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