Mini 2 Axis Rotary for Engraving/cutting Laser Machine

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Mini Two-Axis Rotary with ArmNEW!

This rotary comes with an attachable arm that provides you with extra control on the cylindrical work piece. It is a perfect attachment for any small engraving/cutting laser machines such as a K/D40 laser or our SOLO machine. The rotary employs two-axis design using four silicon rings on the rolling bars to prevent object from escaping. The silicone rings are soft enough so no scratches can be done on the objects you are trying to engrave or cut.



Motor model and current: 42HS03, 1.8A
Roller length: 200mm (8")
Roller diameter: 25mm (1")
Roller adjustable distance: 20mm
Dim (LxW): 300mm x 150mm (11-3/4" x 5-7/8")


Suggested motor driver:  Mini 2 Phase 2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver(

Motor connection: RED and Yellow wires go to A+ and A- to the motor driver, Brown and Orange wire go to B+ and B- to the motor driver.

Note: Color of the wires may vary.  Please double-check if the pair of wires are right using a multimeter.

No documentation or manual included. DIY


*Note: The K40 stock mainboard will not be able to drive this rotary. Don't use it in a direct replacement for Y or it will damage the mainboard. Youll need an external motor driver instead.


*Note: If used with our PR530 laser machine with a 2" focal length lens:

Max engraving material diameter: 50mm(2")

Max engraving material diameter(with the Z table removed): 100mm(4")

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Excellent addition

Review by Damian on 9/26/2016

This is an excellent product. Especially now that the rotary option is enabled/programmed into the latest DSP firmware upgrade. I purchased this rotary apparatus earlier this year and it has sat unused as I worked on other projects and didn't have time to do a workaround on the Y-axis to make it work. I finally got time to mess with it and behold!...there was a firmware upgrade this month that enabled the U-axis for rotary engraving. I had it spinning in less than 15 minutes. This opens up a whole other world of potential for my K40-esque machine. I made another mod last year which really negated one of the complaints of this apparatus: I added the power Z table but I added it BELOW the K40 bottom plate by cutting a hole in the bottom of the K40. I have several more inches of room for larger objects. I have no problem engraving wine glasses and Yeti thermal cups. Thanks Marco for putting out another quality product at a reasonable price.

Build quality is OK but limited usefullness

Review by Don on 12/6/2015

The build quality is good but it is not much use on a small laser, with the table all the way down, you can't fit much on this rotary, even with the table removed, you are limited to only a 2 inch diamiter item. I tried spreading the rollers so a larger item can fit but the rollers only spread a small distance before the mounts hit the motor drive sprocket. It has no instructions or driver with it so there is an added expense there and you need to hack into the Y axis to use it as the LO-X7 and other upgrades here don't support a rotary directly. You will need 2" plus the height of your object being engraved to be below the focal point of your laser, in my case I have a short focus lense and I can't even engrave a standard k The object needs to be fairly even in diameter, this rotary does not accomodate tapered objects. And you need a Driver and you will have to seach through the Forum to get the setup and wiring. For a large laser it would probably be OK, for me it is not so much

Good Quality but item comes without documentation.

Review by Olegario on 7/22/2015

The build quality is very good but the item doesn't come with a wiring diagram or pinout.

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