Power Z Table/ Bed Kit for K40 Small Laser Machine

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This is a mini power bed designed for the "K40" also named "D40K", small desktop CO2 laser machine. The traveling distance is 70mm (2.7 inches). With this Power Z Table, handling work pieces of different thickness becomes easy. You save time of doing height adjustments or focusing point adjustment. Without a good focal point, you won't be able to get the detailed engraving. Plus, cutting power drops greatly if it is out of focus. The power bed is great for other projects as well when lifting feature is needed.

The unit comes as a kit. It should take less than 90 min to set up. It's fun to build it!


No formal manual included. We can provide pictures to show each step of DIY.


- Table Size:13 3/4 x 11 3/8 x 4 1/8 or  350mm x 285mm(including motor) x 106mm
- Workable area: 12 1/2" x 7 3/4" x 3 1/2 or  317mm x 197mm x 75mm
- Lift speed: 10mm/s
- Lift weight: 3.5kg (8.0lb) at 3200 (1/16)
- Motor: 42HS03 2A 2 phase 4 wires (1ft long)
- Frame: aluminum
- Bed: metal, plated in silver color. 3mm holes pattern

NOTE:  Need a stepper driver for the Z table stepper:   Mini 2 Phase 2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver (sell separately).

Items needed to control the z table manually(without a DSP controller):

 Mini 2 Phase 2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver (sell separately).

 DC 24V 5A Switching Power Supply. Good for CNC stepping motor and water pump (sell separately)

 Stepping motor controller board & tester (sell separately)

 2x Momentary Switch (sell separately)


Motor connection: Red/Yellow wires to A+/A- on stepper driver, Orange/Brown wires to B+/B-  on the stepper driver

 here is a link on how to wire the z table

controller board

*Note: The K40 stock mainboard will not be able to drive this table. Don't use it in a direct replacement for Y or it will damage the mainboard. Need an external motor driver instead.

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K40 Power Bed

Review by George on 9/15/2013

Hooked it up with the M415 Driver and it works like a treat can now easily adjust heights simply for different products to laser/cut etc. Back up help from Marco excellent and can truly recommend this aftermarket power table of very good quality as a MUST HAVE for K40 users.

Great Addition

Review by Mark on 3/20/2014

Not sure you could build this for any cheaper. Works great and was fun for me to get working. I am not a pro by any means but this thing rocks. Made my K40 machine as very usable machine after this upgrade and installing the DSP upgrade. I have a very functional machine now.

Excellent Product

Review by afacuarius on 12/19/2014

I just received my table is better than the pictures show, the finishes are very fine and assembled very well without any problem, with it we can vary the height of objects, as well as also helps us a lot to improve the focal length . Thanks Marco ------------------ Acabo de recibir mi mesa, es mejor de lo que las imágenes muestran, los acabados son muy finos y se ensamblan muy bien sin ningún problema, con ella podemos variar la altura de los objetos, así como también nos ayuda mucho a perfeccionar la longitud focal. Gracias Marco

Arrived damaged

Review by DAWN on 6/9/2015

Very good item, fairly easy to put together (could do with instructions) and made of good quality parts. Unfortunately the bed arrived damaged, hence only 3 stars. It looks like it was done during manufacture as the marks are evenly spaced. Would cost too much to send it back to the US.

pretty nice z table

Review by James on 8/28/2015

Would have given it a 5 but it had no build directions so i had to have the picture on the site pulled up. Also you lose cutting area with this table as it is actually smaller than the cutting area of the K40.

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