5mW 650nm Red Laser pointer with adjustable focus point

Price: $5.75
  • SKULSR-F650-5MW
172 units available
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This is a 5mW 650nm red laser with adjustable focus point. Ideal for laser target pointing.

Basic Info:
Operate voltage: DC5V
Length: 36mm (1.4")
Diameter: 10mm (0.4")
Power: 5mW
Wavelenght: 650nm
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Perfect replacement for Full Spectrum alignment laser

Review by SteveG on 10/19/2016

Works great in my FS Laser cutter. You have to cut off the stock FS connector and solder/shrink wrap the connector onto this laser's flying leads. Works great. Pretty bright red dot, better than new!

Outstanding Sighting Lasers for all Laser Engraver needs...!!!

Review by True North Laser on 11/10/2016

I purchased 5 of these, they all work awesome, very bright, sharp Red Dot illumination, Perfect for any & all devices that utilize a Sighting Point Lasers... They focus well, have versatile focus and spot diameters, I use these along with 25mm Beam Combiner Mount w/Laser Pointers, I Installed... http://www.lightobject.com/Laser-Machine-25mm-Beam-Combiner-Mount-wLaser-Pointer-Black-P1000.aspx My laser has Twin 150watt Tubes, its a Dual Head Large Format Laser... Everything acquired from LightObjects has always been the Highest Quality, the product support service is outstanding... Customer Support is AAAAA+ ! I recommend LightObjects for all components anyone would ever need for any component used in all brands of Laser Device... Simply Stated: "They're the Very Best Customer Service in the Industry!" and "Jan is very knowledgeable in all laser processes... If you need help with your Machine, THEY CAN HELP...! Thanks, Daniel Richer True North Laser (541) 633-5807

Great red dot sighting beam.

Review by Bud Wilkinson on 12/20/2017

This is a great item that has a nice sharp red dot to align your optics. Reasonably priced with a small form factor and adjustable beam make it just great.

Perfect little pointer addition to a laser.

Review by Travis Good on 5/10/2018

Mine was old and tired. This one was young and full of vigor. Works great!

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