300X200 Honeycomb. Fit K40 machine

Price: $24.50
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Honeycomb. Fit in most K40 small laser machine

 Material: Frame(aluminum) and body(steel)

Size (W*D*H):    346mm x 267mm x 19mm +/-2mm(with frame) OR 13 10/16" x 10 8/16 "x 12/16"   +/- 1/16" (with frame)

                         301mm x 222mm x 19mm +/-2mm(with frame)  OR 11 14/16" x 8 12/16" x 12/16" +/- 1/16" (without frame/ working area)

Note: The largest  area of K40 is 14"x12" (350mm x 200mm).  if the supporting bed is removed and the air vent is cut in half. This honeycomb won't fit into the mini motorized Z table.



Average rating 7.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Honeycomb bed

Review by George on 9/15/2013

Looked on the internet in Australia but unable to find this product for a reasonable price. Found this one and fitted it to suit the Power Table and its great disperses heat when cutting and is a great add on for cutting material easy to cut down just need to be able to extend threads on screws

Great upgrade for eBay lasers.

Review by James on 8/22/2015

This is the perfect size for a typical Chinese 40 watt "eBay" laser. It is pretty much the maximum size that could fit within the confines of the X-Y rails. It works well, I've been using it to cut acrylic, fabric, and wood with great success. It's a bit rough around the edges, but for the price: 5 stars.

its okay.

Review by mike on 5/28/2017

I just received this, it is a honeycomb bed and I'm sure it will work very well, but the construction is done very poorly. one of the miter corner has 1/8" gap. its too bad as it was very nicely wrapped and there doesn't seem to have any dings or damage to the bed. I know its a cheap, but for $50 (including shipping) I would expect a little better quality control. This would make me think twice if I had to order something from them that needs to have higher QC.

Works... Sortof.

Review by Nate on 7/31/2017

Yes, it mostly works, but it's not square and the metalwork is pretty rough. There's no obvious way to use this to retrofit a K40, and it comes with no hardware or accommodation for mounting. All things considered, this is *probably* an upgrade for my machine, but it took at least 90 minutes to whip up a mounting solution (drilling new holes, making new standoffs), and the lack of squareness on the table makes it very hard to ensure materials are placed square with the gantry.

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