LightObject T9+ DSP Laser Controller Card

Price: $285.00
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*LightObject T9 DSP controller w/color LCD display *

New features added.

- Dynamic color LCD screen shows dynamic workflow

- Restart from middle of the job in case of power outage

- Wireless control through Android devices (module sold separately)

- 4th axis (U axis) dedicated for rotary with X&Y pan control

- Network connection for faster file download

- USB interface or remote OS upgrade

- Z axis speed control (on LCD)

The LightObject T9+ DSP controller is the result of great effort of joint venture with a famous card developer in China. The T9+ comes with a friendly user software LaserSoft.  It is supported by our team here at LightObject. Based in the U.S., our team would be glad to assist in any technical support for the controller. We are very proud to be a supplier for this new controller board!

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Laser controller comes with an LCD control panel and supports USB Flash Drive (no PC required). The DSP system comes with LaserSoft graphic application that works independently for simple graphic creation or file importing/exporting. It also works as a control platform for the CorelDraw (v12 or higher version), and AutoCad (2004 or higher version). Once a work file is uploaded to the controller card, the system will be able to work without using a PC.

Supported file formats are: SVG, AI, DXF, PLT, DST, DSB, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, MNG, ICO CUR, TIF, TGA, PCX, JBG, JP2, JPC, PGX, RAS, PNM, SKA, RAW"

- Phone support: Not available
- Email: up to 10 emails
- Forum support: Unlimited post

Find the Product Manual HERE 

 Pay phone support service: phone support


* Very adaptable to different kinds of laser machines found in the market

* Supports USB flash drive (note: file name must be in 8.3 format)

* Memory recovery from electricity interruption

* On board (LCD panel) power & speed control

* Supports vector cutting and raster engraving

* Works well with different brands of stepping motor drivers

* Supports auto-focus and rotary

* Supports PWM or analog CO2 power supply

* Supports PWM for RF laser tube

* Dual power output control


* OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP and 2000. Supports 64 bit/ 32bit

* In / Out Port Interface: USB or Network Connection

* Real-time power control: PWM and analog* Supports USB Flash drive(no PC required) for up to 200 files

* CAD system support: CorelDraw (X5, X8,2018), Illustrator, and Autocad (2004 ~ 2017) direct output with VB plugin

*Mainboard screw hole distance: 215mmx116mm

* Power: DC 24V,1.5A

*Warranty: 12 Months



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Projector mode to project image on workpiece. Camera mode for quick bmp import. Simple built in image contour tracer.

Convenient Laser head positioning.

Preview movement. Customize node sequence for special need.

Modify in group conveniently.

Arc lead in for smooth edge.

Built in light guide plate designer, good for creating special patterns.

A few features under MENU:
LaserMode:set the laser power of the job in LaserSoft or on the control screen.
LocaMode:use the position in LaserSoft or use the origin key to set starting point manually.
BorMode:when previewing work area, let the laser head trace the actual outline or a rectangle that contains the area.

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Easy to use

Review by Drew on 12/27/2017

Right out of the box I had everything to connect the T9 to my Laser cutter and computer. I did have a little trouble getting my computer to install Lasersoft but it turned out windows was blocking it. I found all the information I needed from the support forum and even more ideas on new machines i need to build. All in all this is a very user friendly controller. I was moving my laser cutter with in few miniuts and had it dialed in and running programs with in a few hours. I will continue to build on with a U axis later but I'm sure as easy as it was to setup the rest of the machine the U axis will be a piece of cake. Now if only it made coffee too ;) HAHA

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