R6 DSP Controller Card for CO2 Laser machine

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LightObject R6 DSP controller with color LCD display

Based on Ruida R6445G. Lightburn supported; LightBurn is a native application written for WindowsMac OS, and Linux

  • New features added.
    - Dynamic color LCD screen shows work progress
    - 4th axis support rotary
    - Fast X,Y pan control
    - Supports real time X-Y coordinate display
    - Controllable starting point and parking location
    - Cutting & engraving can be done together

    - Multiple layers for speed & power control
    - Multiple pass engraving or cutting per layer
    - Extended guideline for cutting enchantment. Great help for cutting circular objects
    - On-board Bios upgrade
    - Network connection for faster file download
    - USB interface for OS upgrade
    - Z axis speed control (on LCD)
    - Intelligent art work arrangement helps save materials
    - Graphic job simulation - Job time calculator
    - many more features...

The Ruida DSP controller card is known for its great quality with its user-friendly RDWorks software.   We are very proud to be a Ruida supplier! DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Laser controller comes with an LCD control panel and support dump drive (no PC required). The DSP system comes with LaserWork graphic application that works independently for simple graphic creation or files importing/exporting. It works as a control platform for the CorelDraw (v12 or higher version), and AutoCad (2004 or higher version) is in the way of "What you see is what you'll get". Once a work file is uploaded to the card, the system will work without using a PC. A list of file supports: AI, DXF, PLT, DST, DSB, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, MNG, ICO CUR, TIF, TGA, PCX, JBG, JP2, JPC, PGX, RAS, PNM, SKA, RAW"


- Phone support: Not available
- Email: up to 10 emails
- Forum support: Unlimited post

Find the Product Manual HERE 

For  pay phone support service: phone support


  • * Very adaptive to different kinds of laser machines
  • * Supports memory stick (note: file name must be in 8.3 formats)
  • * Per layer PPI control (will be added soon)
  • * Memory recovery from electricity interruption
  • * Onboard (LCD panel) power & speed control
  • * Supports vector cutting and raster engaging
  • * Works well with different brands of stepping motor drivers
  • * Supports autofocus and rotary
  • * Supports PWM or analog CO2 power supply
  • * Supports PWM for RF laser tube
  • * Dual power output control


* OS: Windows10/8/7 XP and 2000. Support 64bit/32bit

* In/Out Interface port: USB or Network

* Real-time power control: PWM and analog* Support Dump drive(no PC required) for up to 200 files

* Cad system support: CorelDraw (v12~X8), Illustrator, and AutoCAD (2004 ~ 2008) direct output with VB plugin

* Power: DC 24V,1.5A

*Warranty: 12 Months





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CO2 Power Supply

Review by Ed on 11/16/2020

Lightobject is one of the companies I rely on. I know when they recommend a product I will not have to worry about it being the correct one for my application. This is a perfect fit for upgrading my laser. I highly recommend Lightobject and also recommend calling to get any answers about what you need prior to ordering. They have never steered me wrong in 10 years

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