X7 DSP Controller card for CO2 Laser Engraving/ Cutter with color screen

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*Latest LO-X7 DSP controller with color LCD display*

New features added:

- LightObject RayCam v1.6 supports rotary attachment on the 4th axis
- Ramping engraving for stamp making
- Grayscale emulation
- LightBurn supported; LightBurn supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. 

Special Features:

- Dynamic color LCD screen shows work in progress
- Over-burn compensation
- PPI control (per layer)
- Fast X,Y pan control
- Supports real time X-Y coordinate display
- Controllable starting point and parking location
- Cutting & engraving can be done together
- Multiple layers for speed & power control
- Multiple pass engraving or cutting per layer
- Extended guideline for cutting enchantment. Great help for cutting circular objects
- On-board Bios upgrade
- Network connection for faster file download
- USB interface for OS upgrade
- Hardware limit added for X+ and Y+, total of four limit switches can be installed
- Driver connection enhancement (3 wires instead 4 or 5 wires)
- Multiple origin
- Z axis speed control (on LCD)
- Intelligent art work arrangements helps save materials
- Graphic job simulation
- Job time calculator
- many more features...

As usual, it supports Auto Focus and Rotary attachment. Works well with CO2 or RF laser. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Laser controller comes with an LCD control panel and support dump drive (no PC required). The DSP system comes with Raycam or LaserCad graphic applications that works independently for simple graphic creation or use file importing/exporting. It works as a control platform for the CorelDraw (v12 or higher version), and AutoCad (2004 or higher version) so "What you see is what you'll get". Once a work file is uploaded to the card, the system will work without using a PC. A list of file supports: AI, DXF, PLT, DST, DSB, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, MNG, ICO CUR, TIF, TGA, PCX, JBG, JP2, JPC, PGX, RAS, PNM, SKA, RAW"

Unlimited tech support through our Support Forum and free standard version software upgrade for 1 year.


  • * Very adaptive to different kinds of laser machines
  • * Supports memory stick (note: file name must be in 8.3 format)
  • * Per ramping engraving. Ideal for stamp making
  • * 4th axis for the rotary
  • * Gray scale setting
  • * Per layer PPI control
  • * Memory recovery from electricity interruption
  • * Onboard (LCD panel) power & speed control
  • * Supports vector cutting and raster engaging
  • * Works well with different brands of stepping motor drivers
  • * Supports autofocus and rotary
  • * Supports PWM or analog CO2 power supply
  • * Supports PWM for RF laser tube
  • * Dual power output control


  • * OS: Window Win10, Win8/Win7/XP/2000. Support 64bit (driver installed separately)
  • * In/Out Interface port: USB or networking
  • * Real time power control: PWM and analog* Support Dump drive(no PC required) for up to 200 files
  • * Cad system support: CorelDraw (v12~X8), Illustrator, and AutoCad (2004 ~ 2008) direct output with VB plugin
  • * Power: DC 12~36V,1.5A
  • * LCD panel dimension:  71/8" x 4 11/16" and  Cut out hole: 3 13/16" x 5 11/16"
  • * Main board: dimension: 8" x 4 15/16"  or   8" x 5 3/4" ( included the green pin terminal)
  • *12 Months Warranty

- Phone support: Not available
- Email: up to 10 emails
- Forum support: Unlimited post

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Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 11 reviews )


Review by Andrew on 5/7/2019

This is a great controller compared to my old Lasercut controller which was a piece of (&^%%#$@@#. This was easy to install, wire up and to use is a breeze. Great support from the guys here @ Light Object. Great work guys. Thanks Andrew


Review by Paul on 8/21/2018

Easy to wire! Ray-cam worked with USB and Ethernet first try. Machine runs great now. Would recommend this controller to anyone wanting to retrofit there machine ! Paul

Saved Us $1000!

Review by Andrew on 7/20/2017

We have nothing but loved this controller. It has literally saved our company $1000! The controllers we were using before crashed all the time and were slow. Also, the file prep was crazy, we have to create the file in Corel Draw, export it as dxf, then import it into the laser software, set the settings, then export the work file from the laser software, download it to a USB, then put the USB in the laser and wait for 30 min while it downloaded everything. Now, we click on a button in Corel, it opens in RayCam and we download it directly to the machine through Ethernet. Done! Not only that, but the controller runs so much better, we are running the machine over 2 time faster with the same results.

X7 DSP Controller with RayCam v15

Review by John H on 7/1/2017

Wow, the X7 DSP Controller is a must if you are making rubber stamps. I choose the X7 over other versions due to RayCam too. I have years of files that are in 'inches' format and converting them would be a nightmare. The quality of the engraving is the best I have seen. Since I have a Chinese D40 there was 'searching the internet' to figure out exact wiring, but in the end, I am very happy with the upgrade. If I had a question after hours and could not find an answer on the support forum, I always received an answer first thing the next morning. Also, I would like to thank support for their quick response on a few minor issues. The Grade Engraving section of the manual could be better by including some examples parameter setting but, in the end, I was successful with a little trial and error. 5 Stars!

X7 DSP Controller

Review by Chris on 12/1/2016

The instructions and wiring diagrams available on the forum made fitting the controller (as a replacement for MPC6515) straight forward and it worked first time. I had to make some changes to the cutout in the frame of the machine to accommodate the larger screen but that's to be expected. I am using the RayCam software which also works well and has performed flawlessly so far, I haven't tried the Corel Draw plugin yet since I have the wrong version of CD. The colour screen of the DSP show that various cutting paths and when the task is running shows the current position of the head - I find this very useful. Overall very pleased

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