500W Cube Small Footprint Fiber Laser Metal Cutter

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Price: $32500.00
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Cube 500Watt Fiber Optics Metal Cutting Machine
600mmx580mm (2ft x 1.9ft) Cabinet Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine





Carbon Steel

1.0 6 O2
1.5 3 O2
2.0 2 O2
3.0 1.5 O2
4.0 1.2 O2
5.0 1.0 O2


Stainless Steel 304

0.5 15 N2
0.8 12 N2
1.0 9 N2
1.2 5 N2
1.5 3.8


2.0 1.8 N2
2.5 1 N2
3.0 0.5 N2



 0.5  15  N2
 1.0  10  N2

  Power:  500W
  Operating voltage: Single phase AC 208V, 40A, 60Hz

  Working area(X,Y,Z): 600mm x 580mm x 120mm (24"x23"x4.7")
  Type: Ball Screw
  Power Z table:  No power Z table but with Auto focus power laser head
  XY Precision: 0.04mm (0.0015") or less

  Repeat Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm
  Auto focus: Dynamic auto focus laser head
  Speed: 300mm/s
  Water Protection: Yes

  Air assisted agent: N2(nitrogen) or O2(oxygen)
  Controller: Shanghai CypCut
  OS: Win7, Win8, Win10  (32 bit/ 64 bit)
  Interface: USB port
  USB memory drive support: Yes
  Real time simulation: Yes
  Cooling: Water Chiller LO-2700W (included)
  Support: DXF,PLT,CDR,AI,G-Code
  Overall Size (WxDxH): 4.5ft x 6ft x 6.5ft

  Environment temp: 0~40’C

  Warranty: 1 year 


  United States Support Team!

  Free two days In Shop Training

     Optional extended warranty and service contract are available for an additional cost                     

     Contact Customer Support for more information


 * Use with caution. Reflection may damage the laser module.




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