700W Heavy Duty Fiber Optics Laser Metal Cutting Machine

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  • SKULSR_M3M700W
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Professional 700Watt Fiber Optics Metal Cutting Machine

3000x1500mm (9.8ft x 4.9ft)  Gear driven heavy duty fiber laser metal cutting machine with USA made NLight 700W laser module.


Gear driven provides an extremely accurate movement and lightning fast speed! This model comes with Dual Y motors to provide more torque and stability.


  • German ALPHA rack, speed reducer with higher speed up to 120m/min. Acceleration is up to 1.5G
  • Japan made Servo controller
  • USA made NLight laser module lasts up to 100,000 hours
  • PC built-in. Runs on Windows X7/Win8
  • Remote control unit provides wireless operation










Carbon Steel
1.0 10.0~12.0 N2
2.0 4.5~5.4 O2
3.0 3.0~3.5 O2
4.0 2.0~2.4 O2
5.0 1.0~1.2 O2
6.0 0.8~1.0 O2
7.0 0.6~0.7 O2
Stainless Steel
0.8 13.0~14 N2
1.0 10.0~12.0 N2
2.0 2.8~3.0 N2
3.0 1.2~1.5 N2
1.0 10.0~12.0 N2
2.0 1.8~2.5 N2
1.0 5.0~6.0 O2
1.5 1.0~1.5 O2
1.0 18.0~20.0 O2
2.0 2.0~2.4 O2
1.0~1.5 O2

  Power:  700W
  Operating voltage: 3 phase AC 380V, 50A, 60Hz (208V>380V transformer included)

  Working area(X,Y,Z): 3000mm x 1500mm x 120mm (118"x59"x4.7")

  Type: Gear driven by German Alpha
  Laser module: USA made NLight
  Power Z table: Not supported
  Precision: 0.05mm , resolution: 0.05mm
  Auto focus: Dynamic auto focus laser head
  Speed: 133mm/s
  Water Protection: Yes

  Cutting agent: N2(nitrogen) or O2(oxygen) (customer provided)
  OS: Win7 (32 bit/ 64 bit)
  Interface: USB
  USB memory drive support: Yes
  Micro step panning: Yes
  Real time simulation: Yes
  Cooling: Professional 3000W Water Chiller (included)
  Support: PLT,CDR,DXF,AI
  Application supported: CorelDraw X5, X6, X7, Illustrator CS5, AutoCAD
  Size: 4060mm x 2000mm x 1500mm (160" x 80" x 50")

  Environment temp: 0~40’C

  Warranty: 2 year  on machine, 1 year on laser module




United States based Support Team!

  Free 3 days in shop  training

  Free on site installation







  • Shipping & Handling to US customers in 48 states ranges from $2,800 to $3,800 depending on your location. We ship direct from our warehouse in China through ocean freight.
  • Estimated production time: 1 month
  • Estimated shipping time: 1 month


                    ** Customer is reponsible for unloading equipment -  forklift or equivalent machinery required **

Note: we accept bank transfer or money order only. Full payment is required prior to delivery. 20% restocking fee  required if returned for refund. S/H is non-refundable. Buyer pays for return shipping cost.

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