Combo Fiber Laser + CO2 laser machine for metal and non-metal

Retail Price: $65,000.00
Price: $47500.00
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Explorer X500
LightObject latest combo laser machine. Fiber laser (metal cutting) and CO2 laer (non-metal cutting) all-in-One!
(Pre-order required)
Power:  Fiber:500W,  CO2: 130W
Work area: 1300mm x 900mm (51.18" x 35.4")
Materials cutting: Metal, non-metal
Gas assisted: O2 and N2
Cooling: 2300W water chiller (included)
Power: AC220V, 30A, 50Hz/60Hz
Cutting power: 
            -Metal: 2mm stainless steel, 4mm mild steel, 1mm aluminum, 1mm copper
            -Non-metal:  Solid wood, plywood, MDF, bamboo, acrylic, leather,fiber


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