SOLO II 40W 500x300 19" x 11.8"

Price: $2500.00
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The LO-Solo II comes with the LO-X7s DSP controller that supports real-time simulation and PPI and is  LightBurn supported, Mac Linux compatible. It is designed to be compact in size but powerful enough to cut through 1/3" plywood or 1/4" acrylic! Ideal for hobbyists, woodworkers or school projects and so much more!

The controller supports up to 200 art files by uploading from a USB memory stick or any other USB device which is very convenient because it saves time and the cost of a dedicated PC system for the machine.

The LO-Solo II comes with the powerful and user-friendly - LaserCAD - which is capable of handling vector and raster graphics at the same time through different layers of setup. The LO-Solo II can engrave very fine lines and characters as well as cut through products of various depths!

A list of files supported: DXF, PLT, DST, DSB, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, MNG, ICO CUR, TIF, TGA, PCX, JBG, JP2, JPC, PGX, RAS, PNM, SKA, RAW. 

You can control the Z table up/down (up to 3.5" in the Z direction) to accommodate various material sizes.  You can also take out the honeycomb flatbed to give you up to another 2.5" of room/depth. The Power Z Table can hold up to 8 lbs.

Red dot laser pointer included.  

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