100W~180W PWM CO2 Laser Power Supply

Retail Price: $395.00
Price: $249.00
  • SKULSR-JN150W-3V
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Key Features of the JLD150W CO2 Power Supply

 This power supply ideal for 100W~180W Co2 laser. Built-in PWM control and analog power control. It works great with Reci W4, W6, and W8 tube.

  • PWM control
  • Stable output
  • Both TTL and Analog Power Control

 Disclaimer: High-voltage quick connect is not guaranteed for this power supply. If this is something very important to you give us a call and we can help you. 


  • Input: AC110V(default) 50/60Hz ; AC 220V when requested. 
  • Power: 100W~180Watt
  • Triggering Voltage: 38KV
  • Operating Voltage: 22kV~25kV
  • Current:  36mA
  • Dimension: 315x195x102mm
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • 3pin terminal pinout: G, AC, AC
  • 6pin terminal pinout: H, L, WP, G, IN, 5V

Warranty: 12 months limited warranty




Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Excellent Control Unit!

Review by Josh Lotts on 10/25/2018

After a lot of research before replacing my worn out PSU, I decided to go with this LO unit vs the cheaper alternatives. This unit is of very high quality and powers my tube better than I've ever seen it run! Cuts like a dream now! LO needs to update their product photo, because the latest unit now includes a test button on the face that pulses the PSU to 100% power for testing. The only concern I have is the lack of an on-board rheostat/POT for true current regulation. My assumption was that it would have one, so I bought the 150w PSU vs the 100w unit so I could upgrade to a more powerful tube in the future. For now I have to regulate the current via the DSP parameters. Unfortunately this does not restrict the PSU's on-board test button from firing at full current. That being said, it's just a minor inconvenience to be aware of. None the less I am super happy and can assure you this is a high quality unit for a bargain. You won't be disappointed!

She's a winner

Review by Andrew D on 11/2/2018

I picked up this unit to replace a premature burn out of a stock off brand power supply. I was a bit reserved as this unit looked smaller with a higher rating but trusted the Light Object reputation on the forums and my previous non critical part purchase. I was not let down, the unit is indeed smaller but likely due to the better quality components. Comparing the original to this one internally the board layout is much better with the fly back transformers away from the case and insulated, my main concern as the old one died by arcing with the case then fusing the PCB. The power is noticeably more stable and I actually got a 5% decrease in power needed for the same cuts versus my old unit. I did not even notice how high frequency the original unit sounded when firing until this one. Dead quiet and stable beam generation. Even came with a HV cable if you need it ( not pictured ). Overall very satisfied with the power supply and will be back for tubes in the future. A+

100W~180W PWM CO2 Laser Power Supply

Review by george on 5/10/2019

I bought this to upgrade the stock PS in my 1300x900 130W unit. The machine has been quirky (at best) since I got it. I've upgraded almost every part now with LO parts. Each upgrade provides better performance and more reliable operation. When I received the new PS it would not power on. No fans spinning, nothing. Looking through the vents I could see that the control modules were out of the sockets. With permission from LO I took the cover off and re-seated the boards. I added some silicone to keep them in place and replaced the cover. It has worked perfectly since. The range of power for my 130W tube is much larger now. The stock supply would not fire the tube at under 13%. Now I've gone as low as 7%. Far more useful for intricate cuts. Highly recommended. This upgrade was worth the price. LO support has been terrific also, both by chat and on the phone.

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