High power GSI 300W CO2 Sealed Laser Tube

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LSR-ELC300N 300W Co2 laser tube  with G.S.I (uk) technology 

GSI is well known for making high quality and long last CO2 laser tube in the laser industry. LightObject is one of the distributors for JK Laser to distribute this laser tube in USA.
With this laser installed and a proper lens, you can cut through 30mm~40mm acrylic at 20mm/s!



  • Power: 300W, 360Wmax (380W peak)
  • Triggering Voltage: 30KV
  • Operating Voltage: 26KV
  • Current: 28~30mA (34mA max)
  • Length: 77inches/ 1950mm
  • Diameter: 8.2inches/ 206mm
  • Height: 6.5"/166mm
  • Water Cooling: 1800W dual output water chiller is required.
  • Triggering Current: 9mA (At which the laser beam is smooth and round shape)
  • Warranty: 15 months

 Note: Two Laser power supplies included.


Why buy a laser tube from us?

1) We're located in the USA (Sacramento, California). No US Custom issue

2) We provide great tech support. We are knowledgeable, and we know what we're selling

3) Fast turn around time for tube replacement

4) Competitive pricing because we deal directly with the manufacturers

5) High quality and great packing


We test each tube with an industry-grade laser power meter before shipped. We pick the best tube to ship.

Shipping: The default shipping method is either UPS or FedEx ground for all laser tube orders.  Please contact us for the price if faster service is needed.


 (Note: pictures are showing test result for a 60W laser tube)


Note: 1600W or higher power with compressor (refrigerant) is required for cooling or warranty voided. Proof of owing a chiller is required.
Recommend: LightObject  LO-2700 water chiller



Shipping: The default shipping method is UPS ground for all laser tube orders.  Please contact us for the price if faster service is needed.

Multiple Item Orders -  please add each item to the cart and then click on the "Shipping Estimator" to get the shipping cost.



Courtesy reminder: Any damage that happens on the shipment; the buyer must report to us within 3 business days after receiving it. If failed to do so; this will result in the rejection of all claims. Customers must file a report to the carrier and keep all shipping materials handy for inspection. We're not responsible for any internal cracked after receiving, any damage caused during transportation covered by insurance.  The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost of a replacement tube if the order date is out of 30 days. Warranty acceptance or denial is subjected to the decision made by the tube manufacturers. Lightobject is not responsible for a denial under any circumstance.

Power drawn for reference:

110V 14A when laser at 30mA

8A at 15mA

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