25mm Laser Beam Combiner

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Key Features of the 25mm Laser Beam Combiner

This is a beam combiner that allows a 10600um beam (CO2 laser) to pass through it like a lens. It reflects other wavelength light beams, for example, the red laser pointer with 650nm, which is like a mirror. 


It's ideal to add a "red dot" targeting a CO2 laser machine so there is no hassle of adding a red laser pointer to the laser head.

- Diameter: 25mm
-Thickness: 2.12mm
-Reflection/pass: 60/40% @ 650nm

-Support laser tube up to 200W

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Great Replacement or Initial build Combiner Lens

Review by Bud Wilkinson on 12/20/2017

In my case i had a my original lens become etched and stained with some undetected standing watter in its housing pooling against the lens and drying slowly, probably after sending laser energy through it too. I was able to fix the water leak, add additional drain holes at the bottom of the housing to compliment the vapor vent hole (water inlet) at the top and restore full power to my laser by using this as my replacement beam combiner lens. Works great!!!

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