High quality 18mm ZnSe Focus lens (F38.1mm)

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High quality 18mm ZnSe focus lens supporting a laser tube for as high as 180Watt without cooling needed
Better quality means 15~20% more power than the others!
Ideal for engraving

Type: Focus Lens (imported material)
Base: ZnSe
Focus: 38.1mm
Feature: Engraving
Suggestion max power: 180W (without cooling)
Laser type: 10600nm CO2
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Excellent Quality - Great Product

Review by Dan Short on 12/23/2017

The mirror arrived quickly and was in perfect condition. Fit perfectly in the machine and works great! I will be ordering again.

Fine Lens

Review by Dave on 1/25/2018

I was looking to sharpen up the images I was engraving. Namely, photos on wood. This lens made a remarkable improvement of the sharpness and quality of the photos I laser engrave. Would recommend and purchase this lens again.

Everything I had hoped for...

Review by Jeffrey on 5/8/2019

Ordered this lens for my Chinese 50W system almost immediately after taking delivery. The cutting lens that came with the unit was not very good. Clarity was poor and it was clear that light would distort passing through the lens. The new lens is heads above the old one. Clear and with no distortion. I was able to adjust focus for a visibly smaller spot size. I was able to cut material that I had done previously, using 10% less power for the same cutting speed. The cut was cleaner, with a more narrow kerf, and less burn effect at the very edges of the material... I highly recommend anyone that purchases one of the Chinese sourced systems, replace the cutting lens immediately with this one or one of an applicable diameter and focal range. You won't de disappointed! I'll be placing an order for a spare lens soon, as well as a set of replacement bending mirrors to try to further improve machine performance...

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