High quality 18mm ZnSe Focus lens (F50.8mm)

Price: $42.00
37 units available
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High quality 18mm ZnSe focus lens for as high as 180Watt without cooling needed
Better quality means 15~20% more power than the others!

Type: Focus Lens (imported)
Base: ZnSe
Focus: 50.8mm
Laser type: 10600nm CO2
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

I use this in both of my machines

Review by Skyline Workshop on 11/3/2015

I have bought lens from eBay, amazon, etc and they all develop cracks or abnormalities in the middle of the beam path on my 80 and 130w laser tubes. These are the only lenses I use now because they hold up really well. They are a bit more expensive than some lenses, but I've found them to be worth it. I have a whole stack of lenses with slight defects, cracks, and more that I can't use but these just keep on cutting.

Excellent quality lens

Review by Todd on 5/23/2017

I have a modified K40 Laser Engraver with most parts from LightObject. The quality of the materials far exceeded my expectations. This lens focuses a finer point than the original lens. There are no defects, it is clean, and it shipped quickly from the day it was ordered. Kudos to Light Object for good products and service.

excellent quality

Review by chance on 6/28/2017

Used to upgrade my 40 watt laser. Boosted the output and cleaned up some side reflection the original lens caused. A must have.

18mm lens

Review by Craig on 2/27/2018

I like others have used this to upgrade my K40 laser. Very happy. I was a good decision. Light Objects has quality parts, reasonable prices and they ship fast.

Great quality and price

Review by Fdelo on 4/25/2018

Great improvement to my K40. Customer service and delivery was perfect. No complaints at all

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