High quality 18mm ZnSe Focus lens (F63.5mm)

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High quality 18mm ZnSe focus lens for as high as 180Watt without cooling needed
Better quality means 15~20% more power than the others!

Type: Focus Lens (imported)
Base: ZnSe
Focus: 63.5mm

Laser type: 10600nm CO2 Cutting: Very good 6mm acrylic, 20mm wood
Engraving: Good
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Need a prescription for focus? This is it...

Review by Red on 3/23/2017

If you cut thick materials or have a laser like a K40 which doesn't have a mechanized bed or adjustable head - this is the lens for you. Physics - the longer the focal-length of the lens, the more less accurate you have to be in Z. With this lens I can cut anything from paper to 1/4" with kerf < 0.2mm without adjusting the focus plane. This is your easy button for your focus woes. Hit it.

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