High quality 19.0mm ZnSe Focus lens (F50.8mm)

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High quality 19mm ZnSe focus lens for high powered Co2 lasers.

Thickness: 2.2mm
Type: Focus lens w/ imported material
Base: ZnSe
Focus: 50.8mm
Suggestion max power: 150W
Laser type: 10600nm CO2
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Replaced lens on Universal Laser

Review by Zac on 5/3/2018

Universal charges $230 for a lens replacement. I found a DIY for replacing the lens 15 min job. Thought I would try out this lens. It is a little thicker than the one Universal uses but $52 + $5 for Goo Gone and glue, and I am back up and running. We will have to see if I can make it last with proper maintenance. I've only done a few things with the new lens so far. Thanks

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