High quality 20mm ZnSe Focus lens (F127mm)

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High quality 20mm ZnSe focus lens with 127mm focus point that is ideal for highest object cutting.
Better quality means 15~20% more power than the others! Longer focus point means less inclination issue for wood or acrylic cutting.

Type: Focus lens w/ imported material
Base: ZnSe
Focus: 127mm
Suggestion power: 100W~150W
Laser type: 10600nm CO2

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Actually 157 mm focal length

Review by Chris on 9/4/2016

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this lens focuses much further from the lens than the 127 mm which was advertised. It must have been a typo in translation, because my measurements show 157 mm. This 157 mm lens allowed me to cut cleanly through 6.5" of polyurethane foam with no issues, using my RECI 100W CO2 tube. My other lenses were not able to handle it. So thanks Light Object for a nice lens at a reasonable price, with fast delivery.

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