Improved 18mm ZnSe Focus lens (F50.8mm)

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18mm ZnSe Focus lens good for 10W~100Watt Co2 laser


Type: Focus Lens (cn)
Base: ZnSe
Focus: 50.8mm
Laser type: 10600nm CO2 Suggest Max Power: 80W

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 10 reviews )

Do the job !

Review by Thomas on 1/4/2016

I'm using it for my K40 40w chinese CO2 laser, stock lens is smaller so you need the new laser head:

Sweet K40 upgrade

Review by Harold Coleman on 11/1/2016

Bought this to upgrade my K40 laser. I already purchased the air assist head so it was a drop in upgrade. Immediately the cuts in 3mm birch plywood were so crisp and tight. It also improved stainless steel, and aluminum engraving. I cannot wait to cut more with the new lens. I will be purchasing more products from in the future.

Great Lens

Review by Dan on 11/5/2016

Sharp cuts and fine focus

Much improved Focus

Review by Jeff Nelson on 12/21/2016

I bought this because of research on upgrades to the K40 and I am very impressed on the improvement it provided. My kerf's are much smaller and can cut through 1/4 inch oak in two passes. Before I was lucky to do it in 4 passes. I would highly recommend this along with the air assist.


Review by Curtis Soldano on 2/22/2017

I have a Chinese laser cutter (super simple K40 like machine) which I use as a hobbyist. I was already very happy with the laser cutter performance and had purchased the air assist head from Lightobject after reading how much more useful air assist can be. I was reluctant to replace the head given the laser cutter was working great and if it aint broke...then I had a laser cut fire which damaged my X pulley and the focusing lens. Long story short, I ended up replacing the pulley and decided since I was under the hood I should replace the air assist head. That's when I discovered the lens had been burned, replacing the head is SUPER easy and the new "improved" 18mm lens for the air assist head (both from Lightobject) and this thing is now a monster!!!! I am running at the third of the power and cutting 2-3 times faster than out of the box. Believe me for the roughly $50-$60 you spend, it is going to save you hours of your life and I bet save you some tube wear and tear as well. AWESOME!

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