20mm 18mm 15mm Laser Head w/Air Assist. Ideal for K40 Machine

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This is a laser head with air-assist . The laser head is design for focus lens with 15mm/18mm or 20mm in diameter. It fit in a20mm diameter reflection mirror. By including a O-ring with this head, lens of 15mm,18mm, or 20mm can be used! This is a GREAT replacement for stock K40 laser head which comes without air-assited


Air plug outer diameter: 5.5mm

Mounting plate cut hole requirement : 14.5mm in diameter

Suggested tubing:  5X8 Silicon Flex Tube for CO2 Water Cooling


Average rating 9.55555555555556 out of 10 ( based on 36 reviews )

Great laser head

Review by Brian on 4/27/2012

This is a great price on this! This replaced the original head and air assist nozzle on my DIY laser. I always had problems getting the air assist nozzle aligned correctly. Not only does this provide more clearance between the nozzle and the cutting surface alignment of the nozzle is effortless. I highly recommend this!

Very good upgrade, but lens position altered

Review by Christian on 11/25/2012

A very reasonably priced upgrade for the standard laser head with very good build quality. I only have two remarks, which resulted in me deducting a star from this rating: 1.) Changed lens position: With this laser head the lens is positioned about 8mm higher than in the standard head. My machine has a fixed table height, so some change needed to be made in that aspect as well. 2.) Nozzle could be longer: With the standard lens (50.8mm focal length) the clearing between nozzle and material is about 22.3mm. Still works pretty good with a 60L/min comprossor, but would work even better with less clearing. Still a "must have" upgrade for the cheap chinese K40 machines ;-)

Great upgrade

Review by Vernon on 8/14/2015

Easy swap out. I used the coiled hose that comes with the airbrush compressor that Harbor Freight sells. Works great. If your K40 came with a 12mm focus lens then order a 18mm HQ lens at the same time. Better fit and more power delivered to your work.

Must have !

Review by Thomas on 1/4/2016

I'm using it with this lens: http://www.lightobject.com/Improved-18mm-ZnSe-Focus-lens-F508mm-P206.aspx With stock lens and without air-assist it's almost impossible to cut anything, after a quick mirror alignement (to fit with this new head) I was able to cut 6mm plywood with my poor setup (weak air compressor, quick mirror alignement, clearance almost ok, etc...) This head change a lot and is a great improvement ! Also it looks nice and professional !

Update: Works great once you figure it out.

Review by Tom on 3/20/2016

Works great once Marco pointed out that the threaded section unscrews from the mirror holder. Don't get confused like me or Marco will yell at you too! :) Reply from LO: Separate the center piece from the rightmost module and it will fit into the 14mm mounting plate!

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