DSP controller upgrade tech support

Price: $99.00
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If you're upgrading your laser machine from Leetro or Ruda to our DSP controller, either T9 or the X7, we can help. Or, if you're planning to build youself a Pro DIY laser machine, we can help too! For paying just a little fee , you will receive a great assistance from our crews who will try their best to assist you to complete the project in a better way. 

Up to 60min phone support and 50x emails

Phone#: (916)383-8166


Support area:

  • DSP controller setup
  • T9 or X7 software setup and function
  • Laser power supply
  • Laser tube setup and connection
  • Electronics connection
  • Mirrors setup and tuning
  • Motor driver setup
  • Rotary setup
  • Laser trouble shooting


Note: you must have a basic electronic skill and capable to read system diagram
All charges are non-refundable

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