Power table for K40 laser machine

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Item #: LSR-PWRTB320
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This is a mini-powered bed designed for the "K40" also named "D40K", small desktop CO2 laser machine. With this Power Z Table it turns the K40/D40K easily handles object of different thickness. The traveling distance is 70mm (2.7 inches). By having this power bed, you save a tremendous time of doing height adjustments or focusing point adjustment. Without a good focal point, you won't be able to get detailed engraving. Plus, cutting power drops greatly if out of focus. The power bed is great for other projects as well when lifting feature is needed.

The unit comes as a kit. It should take less than 90 min to set it up. It's fun to build it!


No formal manual inclued. We may provide pictures to show each step of DIY.


- Table Size:13 3/4 x 11 3/8 x 4 1/8 or  350mm x 285mm x 106mm
- Workable area: 12 1/2" x 7 3/4" or  317mm x 197mm
- Lift speed: 10mm/s
- Lift weight: 3.5kg (8.0lb) at 3200 (1/16)
- Motor: 42HS03 2A 2 phase 4 wires
- Frame: aluminum
- Bed: metal and plated in silver

NOTE:  Need a stepper driver for the Z table stepper:   Mini 2 Phase 2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver (sell separately).

Items needed to control the z table manually(without a DSP controller):

 Mini 2 Phase 2A 1-axis Stepping Motor Driver (sell separately).

 DC 24V 5A Switching Power Supply. Good for CNC stepping motor and water pump (sell separately)

 Stepping motor controller board & tester (sell separately)

 2x Green SPDT Push Button (Momentary) Switch w/ light (sell separately)


Motor connection: Red/Yellow wires to A+/A- on stepper driver ,  Orange/Brown wires to B+/B-  on stepper driver


*Note: The K40 stock main board will not be able to drive this table. Don't use it in direct replacement for Y or it will damage the main board. Need an external motor driver instead.


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by Juan
on 6/10/2019
Not Perfect, But Close
Very well packed, but even so one lead screw was bent slightly, causing occasional binding. There are no instructions so not for the mechanically challenged (just like the K40). If you have a stock controller like the nano, you will need a separate stepper driver and controller to make it move. I used an arduino with a drv8825, some button modules from OSEPP, and a 12 3A PSU. There are no places to mount limit switches, so you have to make your own mount and figure out where to install it. I think it's well designed, although you do loose 20mm both in x and y from the wide border.
by John Hardy
on 6/6/2019
Great quality. I assembled mine with no issues at all. No instructions needed. I have not fully installed it yet, but this is a no-brainer: get one. There was one Philips screw where the Philips slots were not properly formed, but there were a couple of spare screws in the kit, so no problem. Light years ahead of the stock bed. Of course, a sand bag would be light years ahead of the stock bed, but this Z-table is the ideal solution.
by Douglas
on 5/7/2019
Principal Designer
I was going to design and build my own powered Z stage, but for the modest cost of this and lack of time decided to give this a shot. I was definitely surprised by the good quality of the parts and the solid design. I am using a big easy stepper driver and an Adruino uno board to control and drive this stage along with an up/down optical limit switch and it works very well. well worth the time saved and money I would have invested to design my own.
by Randy
on 4/12/2019
Well Made
Z-table seems very well made. Assembly is pretty straightforward. Getting it wired and working with the C3D board and Lightburn software was quick and easy. Everything seems to work as it should. Great addition for the K40.
by David
on 9/12/2018
Easy to assemble, and well made
This bed was easy to assemble just based on the images provided on the product page, and it works very well!
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