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In my opinion Reci is the name of the game

Review by Sandy DeFalco on 12/25/2018

I love Reci tubes. Always package well. They burn like the Dickens. The fact that Lightobject test burns each tube , not only do you get a power reading but you also get to see the beam quality.

Well packed

Review by Joel on 1/31/2019

Once I decided to build a laser cutter, my biggest anxiety was what tube to get and where to buy it from. I have not fired the tube yet but it did come with a power report done by LO before shipping. The tube was well packaged being double boxed and double padded. Happy I bought it from LO, hopefully get to fire it soon.

Great packaging - Fast Shipment A+ Service

Review by Jeff on 5/25/2019

I was buying locally from a distributor - I personally felt he was taking advantage of me. I decided to give Light Object a try and man am I happy I did. I received my 80 Watt Tube and Chiller in 3 days via FedEx. Everything is installed and working great. Thanks for great items and fast shipping

Laser Tub

Review by Brian Robison on 5/29/2019

Light Object did a great job of communicating with me. The new tube showed up fast, they shipped the day I ordered it. I installed it, and went through the mirror alignment and was up and running.

Great Service and Packaging

Review by Jason Keller on 7/19/2019

We recently purchased this laser tube to replace the tube from our laser manufacture. Not only was this tube less than 1/2 the price delivered, it is also much higher quality! I called in and spoke with a really nice gentleman about my needs. He answered some questions and help me get the right tube for my machine. The tube was on back order, but we were going on a family vacation... so the wait didn't really impact us. As soon as they received and tested the stock it was sent our quickly. Their packaging was great!! Double boxed with tons of protection. This is exactly how you are suppose to ship items like this! I was able to install my tube... do an alignment and now we are up and running again! Thank you very much! Highly recommended!

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