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A "Must" K40/3020 upgrade.

Review by Bob on 3/22/2017

It makes a considerable difference in results from the stock cheap Chinese laser lens. Together with the laser head/air assist (http://www.lightobject.com/18mm-Laser-Head-wAir-Assist-Ideal-for-K40-Machine-P701.aspx). Just remember the lens is situated slightly higher up than the stock laser head. I found the sweet spot was about 0.90" from tip.

18mm ZnSe Focus lens (F50.8mm)

Review by John H on 6/9/2017

Hugh performance increase. I highly recommend. I bought this lens in combination with a 20 mm Gold plated mirror.

K 40 user

Review by Valerian on 9/21/2018

Sharp focus, faster cuts!

High quality lens! Great support

Review by Stuart on 10/15/2018

Great support from Light Object. This was a drop-in replacement for my 4040 Chinese laser, but I think the optics are better.

Way better than stock

Review by Alfred on 12/10/2018

Much better than the stock K40 lens. Sharper focus and better cuts

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