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Love this board

Review by Ben on 4/2/2014

I just swapped out a Leetro MPC6515 and LaserCut5 software for the AWC608 and LaserCad. Definitely worth it! Swapping out the controller wasn't too difficult and learning the new setup and software was easier than the Leetro board and software. Now I'm dongle free, can run on Windows7 and best of all... over the network! Support was amazing but most of my questions I ended up figuring out on my own in no time. LaserCAD is way better than LaserCut. More features, easier to use and so far has not crashed once (unlike LaserCut). Why anyone would protect such garbage software with a USB dongle is beyond me.

DSP Controller

Review by Ed on 5/22/2014

I have had my laser for 6 year and it has never worked as well as it is now with your controller. Marco is a man of his word... I have tried for years to solve my problems with photos lasering out of square or a lack of power from a 60 laser. Marco took the time to show me how to wire everything and answered all of my questions when I got lost. While I was visiting LightObject I took the time to look at their lasers. Their machines are excellent and they are built like tanks. As anyone who has dealt with heavy machinery with fast moving parts knows, weight is your friend. My 900 X 600 laser weights 360 lbs., LightObjects machine weights in at close to 500 lbs. I could not be more pleased with the new operating system, I only wish I had purchased one from Marco years ago and saved myself a lot of pain and agony.

Solid upgrade for your K40 laser

Review by John on 3/11/2015

Bought this upgrade a while ago and finally installed it. Worked perfectly the first time I flipped the power switch. Here's a cleaned up wiring diagram: http://ppl.ug/R5nSFeVkIMo/


Review by Agnaldo on 7/4/2015

John, thanks for the diagram, AMAZING ! :-)

AWC 708 Card Review

Review by DL Fox on 1/25/2017

AWC 608 is a great card, but the 708 is amazing. Bigger LCD, faster, Live auto tracking. Its surprisingly a great quality motion control system.

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