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A Must-have

Review by ismail on 2/6/2018

It improved the engraving quality a lot, don't forget the replace the lens with 18mm though (I bought the lens here as well). I don't know if it's the lens, or the head or both together improved the quality but I am very satisfied.


Review by Fdelo on 4/25/2018

Well made, a perfect fit. Can’t beat the price and delivery.

Excellent Quality

Review by Jeffrey on 4/26/2018

Exactly as pictured, excellent quality.

18 mm laser head with air assist

Review by Richard on 6/28/2018

I primarily use my k40 for engraving acrylic for edge lit lamps. I can't even tell you how much improvement this upgrade has made. It's incredible. I'm able to turn down my engraving power by 20 to 25% to get the same results. I also recommend the 18mm lens and a 950gph air pump for the air assist. You won't be disappointed.

Don't buy!

Review by LANE on 11/2/2018

Terribly made. The screw that's suppose to fasten the nozzle to the lens holder can't be screwed in because the hole is too shallow.

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