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Well made

Review by Alfred on 12/10/2018

Esily installed and made a huge difference in the quality of output

Easy swap-out for stock 40W K40 head

Review by Melissa on 1/24/2019

This head was a perfect purchase for my 40W (K40) machine. I thought I would have to modify things to line up with the new head and modify to install it. But that was not the case (wonderful surprise). I unscrewed the old head to remove it, and installed the new one right in the same mounting hole. And the laser opening (where the laser enters) was at the same exact height position as the old one. It just took a couple minutes to remove the old and install the new. And with an upgraded 18mm lens, this was a terrific inexpensive upgrade to my machine. Highly recommend!

Buen Producto

Review by afacuarius on 3/14/2019

Excelente producto para mi K40, es la misma que aparece en la imagen, es de gran utilidad para mantener la lente en buenas condiciones de limpieza, además de ayudar a producir un flujo de aire y evitar que se ensucie con el humo. Soy de México, es la segunda boquilla que compro.

Best cheap upgrade available

Review by Neil on 6/22/2019

This head was purchased for my 40W (K40) machine. Fitting it was simple and all I had to do was line up the entrance hole for the beam and hey presto - fantastic clean cutting and engraving when I used the new 20mm lens bought at the same time. The air assist is far more efficient than the one I had initially bought and works like a charm. This was a inexpensive upgrade to my machine, even after the extorionate UK tax and handling charges.. i highly recommend this and the 20mm lens to partner it.!


Review by CHRIS on 7/3/2019

Works well, fits well, really good quality not like the sub-standard stock laser-head that came with the k40.

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