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Excellent Tube

Review by Joe on 1/1/2017

This is a great tube. It completely changed our machine.

Fast Shipping - Great Product

Review by Travis on 3/7/2017

Service and shipping was super fast! This product works great! Thanks!

Excellent quality and performance

Review by James Barber on 9/28/2017

I bought this tube to replace one that failed due to an internal short. (different manufacturer and vendor) I only have a few hours on it, but so far it's performing much better than the old tube. After aligning the tube and mirrors and re-tuning my jobs, I'm cutting 3mm cast acrylic sheet at 10mm/second with 55% power. (13mA) The cut edge is nice and clean. There is an obvious difference in build quality between the new SPT tube and the "old" tube. Again, I only have a few hours on the tube, but so far, so good! LightObject tested the tube and measured the output power before shipping, which is a valuable service as well. Highly recommended.

Upgrade from 50w to 60w

Review by Bill N on 1/14/2018

I blew out the power supply on my 50w laser and decided to take the opportunity to upgrade to a 60w tube. I purchased this tube along with a 40W~60W PWM CO2 Laser Power Supply (AC110V) . To reduce downtime, I elected to pick up these items personally. The people at Light Object were very friendly and took the time to tour me through their facility. The installation was relatively simple and I was up and running very quickly. Although I purchased these items at the beginning of Dec. 2017, I elected to withhold my review until I had some time with it and as of now I am very pleased with my purchase. I work primarily with wood and can now cut through wood that I previously was not able to. I should have upgraded sooner. This morning I measured the output, using my Comet 1k laser power sensor, I am measuring 67.5W at the table surface. Will definitely buy from Light Object again when the need arises.

I Got The Power!

Review by Willie on 10/11/2018

I purchased this in conjunction with a 60W power supply hoping to bring my struggling stock K40 laser some power, as having to try to cut 1/4" MDF and Birch was a definite struggle. Well, let's just say at 60% power, I can cut all I need to now! This tube does the job at less than 50% power than the stock K40 tube did being overdriven. It sticks out quite a bit from the stock K40 housing, but I made an extension to add to the extension from Light Objects. If you're looking to upgrade, you have to get this tube! I have about 8 hours of usage on it but have had zero problems so far!

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