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disregard the item photo - it is backwards and upside down

Review by Bryan on 9/9/2015

Please note that this part is meant to be installed into the printer with the belt and motor near the bottom of the bed (to the right of the extraction port). After a bit of confusion, I was informed that the catalog photo above was actually a mirror image of the actual part. This is why I removed one star from the rating. That aside, this is a quality machined and well designed assembly.

Needed addition

Review by Don on 11/15/2015

The table looks great, untill I start cutting on it :) It had no instructions, It would take 1 hour to produce instructions and that would be a value-added feature. Also it does reduce the usable area of this already small laser by about 1 inch width and 3/4 length but will allow for thicker material or different focal length lenses. I will be mdifying it with limit switches and bonding a stainless ruler to the x and y rails for easier material placement.

A must have for K40 laser owner

Review by Thomas on 4/9/2016

I bought one a couple of month ago, it's a must have for K40 laser owner, the power-table look nice and professional and also work great, I'm using-it every time to adjust the focus. I wrote an article to help people for the assembly, it's very easy and pleasant to do: http://www.tom-aes.com/?p=26 Congratulation to lightobject for this nice product ! Thank you for your comment and effort!

Great Table for the K40

Review by Robert Rossi on 11/18/2016

Great Table for the K40 / China laser cutter. I thought the ZTable was high quality. All the parts are nicely machined. You cannot beat this price...Its a great little table. There are no instructions included with the table...so look at the picture. It still went together easily. I'm using it with my smoothie board upgrade. It works great. When you get the table the top blue frame comes pre-assembled...after you get the table together...Loosen the bolts holding the top frame together and ensure all the drive shafts are plumb. The belt drive should turn freely. The table was locking up until I loosed the top bots and re-seated it.... It really works great....For 195.00 you can't go wrong with this table.....Good Job LightObject! :-)

Reasonable price, great addition to a small machine

Review by Phil on 11/24/2016

Really easy to put together. I used a machinist square to get the top and bottom sections aligned. Took 30 minutes or less to assemble. The only issue I have with it is the threaded rods are just a tiny bit shorter than the aluminum frame rods. This causes a little bit of play (few hundredths of an inch) in the table. If you just press it flat before using, I don't see it ever being a problem. I polished the aluminum rods for a smoother appearance. I have it hooked to a Gecko G201X stepper motor driver. I will probably add two limit switches and definitely bond a steel ruler to the top for ease of use. Overall, the price is very reasonable and I really like the table. Before putting the top blue piece on, thread the rods through the brass nuts just a few turns and place a flat bar on top of the nut. Rotate the shaft until it touches the top. Do this for all four. Your table will be perfectly aligned. Don't put to much tension on belt. You'll wear it out or the motor will stall.

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