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Excellent Value & Service By Light Object Team

Review by David Montgomery on 5/26/2017

I had the Z axis table together in 20 minutes. Packaging missing a couple parts, but Light Object was prompt in shipping out replacement parts. Well designed and construction. I also ordered a secondary power supply and a rotary suitable for the K40. Pleased with EVERY purchase I've made from Light Object.

Exactly what I needed

Review by Erik on 12/12/2017

I bought this to install in the K40 I’m slowly turning into a capable machine. The package was shipped quickly and arrived when it was supposed to. Packing was very good and it arrived in good shape. Assembly was simple and straightforward, as was installation. Now, I have not actually used it yet. I had to order a stepper driver for my aftermarket control board and it isn’t here yet. I also had to order a probe that fits on the laser head so it will adjust automatically. My one minor complaint is that Lightobject should stock this probe. I had a little difficulty sourcing one from China. I *absolutely* would have ordered one along with the bed, even if it was a few dollars more. I am happy with this transaction and will be ordering more from Lightobject.

Easy to assemble, and well made

Review by David on 9/12/2018

This bed was easy to assemble just based on the images provided on the product page, and it works very well!

Well Made

Review by Randy on 4/12/2019

Z-table seems very well made. Assembly is pretty straightforward. Getting it wired and working with the C3D board and Lightburn software was quick and easy. Everything seems to work as it should. Great addition for the K40.

Principal Designer

Review by Douglas on 5/7/2019

I was going to design and build my own powered Z stage, but for the modest cost of this and lack of time decided to give this a shot. I was definitely surprised by the good quality of the parts and the solid design. I am using a big easy stepper driver and an Adruino uno board to control and drive this stage along with an up/down optical limit switch and it works very well. well worth the time saved and money I would have invested to design my own.

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